NUI | Free hyperbaric test in NUI new chambers
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Free hyperbaric test in NUI new chambers

Register by adding information to the registration form explaining your test

Deadline for registration: 14th June @23:59


Free hyperbaric test in NUI new chambers

NUI is opening our new facility for ULTRA DEEP testing in August 2020. We would like to celebrate this big event by giving away two hyperbaric tests, one in each chamber.


Would you like your project to be chosen, please register by clicking the below button and enter some information about your project. Participate in this contest by sending in an explanation of your test subject and the reason for your testsubject shall be chosen.


Proposals will be assessed by NUI together with GCE Ocean Technology represented by managing director Owe Hagesæther.

Criteria for test:

There are a few criterias required for the test, although we accept and will assess registrations also for projects not entirely fullfilling the criterias if well explained in the registration form.



  • The test subject will fit in the new chamber dimension, either the 700bar chamber or the 1000bar chamber.
  • Weight of test object shall not exceed 10 tonnes
  • The test should preferably include some sort of function test with monitoring equipment.
  • Test to be performed with water as pressure medium
  • Test shall be performed on a mutually agreed date in August 2020.
  • Pictures and information from the test is accepted to be used by NUI for marketing purposes, mutually agread upon and not disclosing company sensitive information.


Information to include in the registration form must include:

  • Pressure cycles requirements, test pressure pressurisation rates
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Short description of test
  • Any reference to testing standards

NUI provides:

  • 1 day(8 hours) free of charge hyperbaric test in water.
  • Technical assistance during mobilisation and set up.
  • Crane operation.
  • Use of test basket


Contest winner provides:

  • Any equipment required to perform the test other than what is provided by NUI.
  • Any special lifting or interface equipment to the test object(fittings, connectors etc).
  • Personnel for assistance and function testing
  • Test object lifting arrangement – if not test basket are suitable

If specific penetrators, connectors, fittings and consumables etc. is required during the test, this can be sourced by NUI at cost +15% mark up.

If you require any technical clarifications before registering or have any questions, please contact Kim Løseth, manager test & analysis ( / +47 55 94 28 00)

  • NUI have no liability for damage on test objects, or direct and indirect cost thereof.

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