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Join Us

We are always looking for talented people


We are looking for competent personnel that wants to join us as an advisor/consultant working through us for our clients.


NUI provides expertise in subsea intervention, and has traditionally focused mainly on diving operations. It is currently good activity within this segment and we are looking for qualified advisors / consultants who would like to work through us for our customers.


We are also developing our services to deliver expertise across the entire range of work related to subsea intervention, and would like to have contact with advisers / consultants who consider NUI as an interesting partner for future assignments.


NUI has a concept that is not just a staffing agency, but acts as a working environment where our consultants / consultants can use the NUI network and our overall resources as professional discussion partners to deliver the best possible services to our customers. We also organizes seminars for our advisers / consultants and will also be able to assist with services such as billing and travel agreements and, not least, office space at key locations. NUI will work continuously to establish a service where all parties are satisfied and see the benefits of the cooperation.

If of interest or if you would like more information. Please contact HSEQ, projects and resources manager Ole Lund either on email or by phone on +47 930 69 500, or managing director Rolf Røssland on email or by phone +47 950 59 595