NORSOK U-100 Workshop - NUI
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NORSOK U-100 Workshop

NUI arranges NORSOK U-100 Workshop on requests.

‘’Status and operational consequences”


The NORSOK U-100 standard defines basic requirements for personnel, equipment and systems for manned underwater operations within the petroleum industry. The standard has been through a systematic revisions and Edition 5, in corrected version was released May 2016.

NUI arranges a NORSOK U-100 workshop for personnel involved in planning and execution of project work where NORSOK U-100 is applicable.

The workshop will focus on operational challenges and consequences. Participants should have basic understanding of professional diving.


Subjects will include:

  • History, evolution and revisions to NORSOK U-100
  • The legal, formal and practical status
  • Normative references and bibliography
  • On standardization in general
  • Operational challenges and consequences
  • Procedures for feedback


For futher information or participation, please contact us at: