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NUI Advisory

NUI provides highly qualified advisors to the Oil and Gas industry.
Our personnel has participated in development of national and international standards.

NUI Advisory services

NUI advisory services is a result of the broad experience and competence of all advisors present in the pool together with the unique quality system tying it together.  NUI’s long existence with a long track record of both manned and unmanned subsea intervention research and advisory projects makes us a leading provider of such services.


  • Safe and cost-effective operation for clients
  • Individual advisor competence
  • Full NUI competence backup to advisors – 24/7


Rolf Røssland

Managing Director


Quality system and processes according to ISO 9001:2015

  • Processes and documentation tailored for our advisory services


Our system for this service is built based on these main topics:

  • Specialists in legislations, standards and guidelines
  • HSEQ, Auditing, Risk management
  • Operational expertise
  • Marine competence
  • Medical competence (Diving, Emergency medicine, HBO)

NUI offer assistanse based on:

  • Knowledge of the operational conditions
  • Knowledge of the legislations
  • Knowledge of the technical aspects
  • Tranfer of Experience