NUI | NUI Diving Awareness Course 0118
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NUI Diving Awareness Course 0118

NUI Diving Awareness Course 0118

Tuesday and Wednesday this week we run our first NUI Diving Awareness Course in 2018 with participants from PSA, AkerBP, Gassco and Spirit Energy.

The target with this course is to give non-diving personnel involved in planning and performing diving operations, on-board or onshore, some basic understanding if diving as intervention method.

On this course we go through diving methods, safety and contingency, rules and regulations, physiology and pro and cons with diving and ROV operations.

During then course the participants practice diving with full hot-water suits and offshore equipment, pressurised diving in our chamber testing helium breathing and they have one overnight stay in the chambers where they eats and sleep to experience how this is in real life.

We had two very good days with interesting discussions and very good engagement.




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