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Seabed Sampling

NUI provides highly qualified personnel and services for testing of equipment and tools for use under pressure and harsh conditions. Our laboratory and test facility is equipped for testing and analysis of gas, chemicals and equipment.


Kim Løseth

Manager Test and Analyse


NUI has developed a new ROV operated gas-tight seabed sampler where the sample content is maintained without being decompressed or in other ways loosing components.

The sampler was originally designed to take seabed samples prior to manned underwater operations, but is also an expedient tool designed for all sediment sampling when collecting potential hydrocarbons/volatile organic compounds (VOC) is of interest.

Seabed contaminated from e.g. drill mud and cuttings, produced water discharge, crude oil, etc might be a hazard to the diver while working in the water, but can also be brought into the diving system and contaminate the divers breathing atmosphere.


The new NORSOK U-100 standard set specific requirements for seabedsampling that includes a requirement to use a sampling technique that allows the gas-tight seabed sampling to be brought to surface maintaining the content of possible contaminants. Previous used methods does not meet the requirements, and there are not established any industry standard for sampling and analysing.

NUI sediment sampler meets the new NORSOK U-100 requirements for gas-tight seabed sampling and analysis, and will also be a useful tool for environmental mapping of contamination under water.

The video shows the final testing of the sampler. Please be aware that this is the first time the ROV operator is using this tool.


Please follow the link to download the Sediment sampler info folder.

NUI Sediment sampler