NUI | NUI Compact Chest Compression Device (NCCD)
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NUI Compact Chest Compression Device (NCCD)

Pneumatic chest compression device

Chest compression


Sudden unexpected cardiac arrest (SCD) is a major global public health issue, accounting for up to 20% of deaths in Western societies. Rapid and good cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), as well as rapid treatment with defibrillators (AEDs) are essential for survival. Without good CPR pending cardiac arrest, irreversible brain damage will occur after just 5 minutes, and the chance of survival decreases by about 10% per minute from cardiac arrest. There is often a lack of both good CPR knowledge and proximity to AED in the population, and we see that only 10-15% of patients with cardiac arrest survive.

Saturation divers work in compact narrow compartments, like diving bells and hyperbaric chambers. The space is very limited, and manual CPR is challenging, and in some situations, impossible. There is a need for mechanical chest compressions during CPR in general, and also in hyperbaric compartments.

NUI Chest Compression Device (NCCD)

NUI has developed NCCD, a small, compact and lightweight chest compression device that can substitute manual chest compression during CPR in diving bells and hyperbaric chambers. NCCD is powered by compressed gas, and designed for use in hyperbaric compartments. It contains no electrical parts.


Operating temperature: -5°C (41F) to 60°C (140F).
Operating sound level: maximum 80 dB at operating distance from NCCD.
Storage temperature: 5°C (41F) to 40°C (104F).
Maximum ambient pressure: 30 bar (435 psi).




Chest belt [10] : L150 cm, W11 cm
NCCD [1-12] weight: 2250 g
Case size: W265 x D240 x H174 mm
Case with NCCD weight: 3550 g

NCCD Rental Concept

 The NCCD is a low-cost device and can be rented from NUI on a yearly basis. The NCCD will be replaced yearly in the rental period, so there is no additional cost for maintenance.

Our clients should evaluate the appropriate number of NCCD units on each DSV based on their risk assessments and identified needs.
NUI recommends:

  • One unit in each bell.
  • One unit in each TUP that can be used in the chambers and taken into the evacuation unit if required.
  • One training unit to be used inside bell/chambers for training and outside chambers for familiarisation on equipment.


The operational units are sealed, and the seal should not be broken unless an emergency situation occurs. If used in an emergency NUI should be notified and a replacement unit will be shipped as quickly as practically possible.


The training unit are clearly marked and might be used as required. This unit will be replaced yearly together with the operational units.


For more information about the NCCD and our rental agreements, please contact NUI
Phone: +47 55 94 28 00


The NCCD can be rented  on annual basis before returned to NUI for service.
Please contact us for more information.



Phone: +47 55 94 28 00