Diving Awareness Course - NUI
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Diving Awareness Course


Target groups are Project engineers, Marine crew, ROV personnel, Managers, Client reps, HSEQ personnel, Planners, Engineers, Buyers and other interested persons that might benefit from knowledge about the advantages and limitations of diving as an intervention method used offshore.


The course is a combination of theoretical and practical training and includes diving in pool with full-recognized offshore equipment, diving in chamber and an overnight stay in our saturation chamber complex where food will be served in the same way as to an offshore diver in operation.


The course has no prerequisites, but all attendees are required to sign a self declaration to do the diving in the pool.


Course schedule


Day 1

0900-1000              Principles of diving and diving history

1000-1100               Dive theory and physiology

1100-1200               Equipment & chambers

1200-1300               Lunch


Team A      

1300-1400               Inspection of personal diving equipment (pool)

1400-1600               Dive in pool

1600-1700               Inspection of chambers, control room and equipment

1700-1900               Dive to 1,3 atm. in chamber


Team B

1300-1400               Inspection of chambers, control room and equipment

1400-1600               Dive to 1,3 atm. in chamber

1600-1700               Inspection of personal diving equipment (pool)

1700-1900               Dive in pool



1900-2400               Overnight stay in chamber


Day 2  

2400-0700               Overnight stay in chamber

0700-0800               Breakfast in chamber

0800-0900               Debrief/experiences

0900-1000               Offshore diving, DSV

1000-1100                Legislation and standards

1100-1200                Diving, advantages and limitations

1200-1300                Lunch

1300-1400                Diving, advantages and limitations

1400-1500                Safety, Hyperbaric reception


Location:                 NUI AS, Bergen
Price:                        NOK 19500  ex VAT. (incl. meals and overnight stay in chamber)
Time:                        Next available course 29-30. May 2024
Cancellation fee:
  • 100% invoiced if cancellation later than 14 days prior to course start
  • 50%  invoiced if cancellation later than 4 weeks prior to course start


For futher information or participation, please contact us at:


Email: kurs@nui.no