Webinar – Standardisation with emphasis on NORSOK diving standards U100 and U103 - NUI
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Webinar – Standardisation with emphasis on NORSOK diving standards U100 and U103

Schedule for next Webinars(2019):

@ 10:00–11:00 (Europe Summer Time, GMT+02:00)

April 2020


  • Standardisation: NORSOK/diving:
  • NORSOK standard U-100:
  • NORSOK standard U-103:



For futher information or participation, please contact us at:


Email: kurs@nui.no

Webinar in standardisation with emphasis on NORSOK and U100/U103 diving standards.

NUI will host a series of three independent session webinars from time to time to present on standardisation with emphasis on NORSOK and diving standards. This can be tailored for one company or open sessions. The webinars will be presented in English language and you will need access to a computer with audio/video and internet to access the webinar.


If no dates are announced, please contact NUI for a schedule for the next webinar by sending an email to kurs@nui.no. When the next webinar is set you will receive a login-link from NUI to attend the courses.



Norwegian legislation states the premises for safe operations in the Norwegian petroleum industry. The NORSOK standards, together with other recognized industry standards defines the operational requirements for procedures, personnel, equipment and systems. All companies and personnel working towards the Norwegian offshore marked needs a basic understanding regarding relevant legislations and standards and how this requirements might have impact on the work scope.


In addition to the NORSOK standards, this course also include related standards from ISO, CEN, NS and industry guidelines from IMCA, IOGP, DNV and NOROG. The webinar will have a presentation going over three sessions one hour each. We would recommend to attend all three sessions for full advantage.


The target groups

Authorities, Project engineers, Marine crew, ROV personnel, Managers, Client reps, HSEQ personnel, Planners, Engineers, Buyers and other interested persons that might benefit from knowledge about the Norwegian regulations relevant for Subsea Operations and Manned Underwater Operations.


Please contact NUI for furter information: kurs@nui.no