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NUI News page


5 days 7 hours ago

Today we are celebrating approved funding from RFF Vestland for stage one development of novel methods for analyzing microplastics in water, sediment and soil. The goal of this project is to develop low cost microplastics analyses and thus lower the threshold for evaluating the total environmental impact of certain industrial processes.

NUI has delivered services and competence to the subsea sector since 1976. With our expertise and our unique facilities, we are a solid partner in both national and international operations.

Our company values promotes continuous learning, and our chemists are now about to investigate an increasing issue, namely microplastics in various segments of nature.

Life below water is UN Sustainable Development Goal no 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

Read more about us:
Phone: +47 55 94 28 00


5 days 13 hours ago

The first session of our series of three free webinars is starting on Monday, please do not forget to send us an email if you would like to attend. Please send an email to to receive a link for the webinar.


1 week 1 day ago

Would you like to attend our free webinar about standardisation and NORSOK U100/103? The next series of webinars (3x1hr sessions) will go 10th, 18th and 27th May @ 12:00 Norwegian time. Please send an email to showing you interest, and we will revert with an invitation to the webinar.


3 weeks 2 days ago

Bergen International Diving Seminar is due to take place on the 9th and 10th of November 2021. We are experiencing great interest for the seminar when we are in contact with the industry.

The cooperation with IMCA, ADCI and DMAC is working well, and the program committee is doing a good job to prepare an interesting and a good program.

We will encourage everyone that plans to participate to register as early as possible. This to show that the industry wants a seminar in November, and a good number of registered participants before the summer will give us the confidence, we need for taking the necessary financial commitments.

There is no risk in early registration. We will guarantee full payback of the seminar fee should you be hampered by an official Covid-19 related travel restriction in Norway or in your home country.


1 month 2 weeks ago

NUI – Supplier of Oxygen cleaning services

NUI has recently received DNV approval on our oxygen cleaning procedure, and we will provide oxygen cleaning services to our clients.

All piping, fittings, valves etc. that is used for oxygen enriched gas shall be cleaned to ensure all contamination, that could lead to accidents, are removed.

NUI’s oxygen cleaning service provides cleaning by ultrasonic bath for components, and a circulation pump for hoses, tubing and pipework. After cleaning all parts are flushed, rinsed, dried, and sealed prior to shipment.

A test sample to be sent to a 3rd party laboratory to verify cleanliness, if requested by client.

Cleaning can be performed on both metallic and non-metallic parts.

Cleaning services will also be applicable for parts required a high level of cleanliness, e.g. food graded hoses and pipes.

Reference to a selection of relevant standards and guidelines: ISO 15001:2011, ASTM G9303, DNVGL-RU-UWT Pt.4 Ch.6. DNVGL-OS-E402


2 months 2 weeks ago

NUI hyperbaric products and services
NUI offers a broad portfolio of subsea, offshore and onshore services. We have a pool of advisory resources, built up over four decades in operation. NUI advisors have extensive competence and experience, and we offer a quite unique service compared to anything else in the market:

- Company reps for subsea operations
- Contract and contractor management
- Project engineering
- HSEQ support, on-/offshore
- Planning and execution of ROV operations
- Compliance measurements
- Auditing/verification, internal/external
- Project development assessments
- Medical services (Diving physician, Emergency medicine, First aid)
- Risk management support

Conctact us:
+ 47 55 94 28 00


3 months 5 days ago

Visste du at NUI tilbyr helseundersøkelser av arbeidstakere i risikoutsatte grupper? Kontakt 90612174 / om det er aktuelt for deg eller en av dine kollegaer.

- Innaskjærs dykking (Arbeidstilsynets regelverk)
- Utaskjærs dykking (Petroleumstilsynets regelverk)

- Helseundersøkelse av kabinansatte, flygeledere, AFIS/HFIS og flygere (Luftfartstilsynet og EASA regelverk - EASA Klasse 1 flylege)

Arbeidstaker i petroleumsvirksomheten til havs
- Offshore helseundersøkelse

Arbeidstaker på skip
- Sjømannsundersøkelse (Sjøfartsdirektoratets regelverk)
- Loser (Kystverkets regelverk)

Did you know NUI provide a full range of health examinations for workers requested to hold a medical certificate for their work? Please contact +4790612174/ if you or one of your colleagues require an examination.

- In shore diving (Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority )
- Offshore diving (Petroleum Safety Authority Norway - the examination is reciprocally approved by UK HSE)

Aviation examinations
- Examination of cabin crew, ATC, AFIS/HFIS and pilots in agreement with Norwegian CAA and EASA regulations (EASA Class 1 Medical Examiner)

Offshore workers medical certificate
- (Norwegian) offshore medicals
- UK Offshore health examinations (Oil&Gas UK)

Seafarer examinations
- Seafarer examination (Norwegian Maritime Authority)
- Pilot examination (Norwegian Coastal Administration)


3 months 6 days ago

NUIs administrerende direktør er intervjuet av Bergen Næringsråd.


3 months 2 weeks ago


Today we are happy to welcome the first customer that wants to test their product in our ultra-deep hyperbaric test chamber to a maximum pressure of 1 000 bar (14 500 psi). Several other clients have used the chamber for test and verification, but not to max. depth.

This chamber is called Asterix.

- Length 3500 mm
- ID 1100 mm
- Vol 3,3 m3
- Vertical chamber
- Max pressure 1000 bar
- Test medium: liquid and gas
- 8 electrical and 8 hydraulic/gas penetrators
- 12 tons weight capacity
- Fully sized test basket
- Live camera view from inside the chamber
- Lights inside the chamber

Examples of tests that can be performed:
- Loss of buoyancy testing
- Collapse testing
- Cable insulation testing
- Leak testing
- Function testing in hyperbaric environment
- Rapid pressure Transients test

Examples of Equipment that can be tested:
- Subsea equipment
- Subsea tools
- Subsea sensors
- Pressure hulls
- Downhole instruments
- Subsea atmosphere Cans/PODs
- Electronic components
- Subsea jumpers (on cable drums)

Read more about our services:

Phone: +47 55 94 28 00

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4 months 3 weeks ago

Reducing costs while maintaining conformance with industry standards can be difficult. However, the most expensive materials are not always the most suited. Today, the results from a quick direct off-gas test saved our testing department more than 90 percent of the cost on a significant purchase.

At NUI, we offer direct off-gas testing of simple materials (small sample required) as well as off-gas testing from larger components in designated chambers.

For more information:
Call +47 55 94 28 00


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