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NUI News page


6 days 19 hours ago

Less than a month until Bergen International Diving Seminar - 9/10th November.

Program has been updated an can be downloaded from this link:

Currently we are pleased to tell there are 171 participants from seven different countries registered. The participants are representing operators, authorities, dive contractors, diving schools and other industry parties. We do hope you register for the seminar as well and contributes in the seminar discussions.

There will be a small exhibition in connection with the seminar, and if you would like to exhibit please do not hesitate as it is only limited amount of room left.

Registration, either as a delegate or as an exhibitor, can be done by clicking the link below:


2 weeks 2 hours ago

NUI and NHS researchers aim to find more effective CPR methods for deep sea divers who suffer cardiac arrest. Our compact chest compression device (NCCD) performed very well both in the lab and in confined compartments, on both vertical and horizontal patients.

Full article:

Read more about the NCCD:


2 weeks 4 days ago


NUI has been awarded their first contract for the newly developed NUI-chest-compression-device(“NCCD”).
Subsea 7 will equip their vessels with NCCD’s and have signed a rental contract with NUI.
For NUI it is a milestone to receive the first award for the NCCD, and we are proud to see the award came from a major safety-focused company like Subsea 7.

NUI has developed NCCD, a small, compact, and lightweight chest compression device that can substitute manual chest compression during CPR for use in diving bells and chambers. The NCCD is powered by gas already available in the diving systems and does not need additional installations. It contains no electrical parts and has been function tested in a helium atmosphere and after being fully submerged in water. It will be functional at all known diving depth operated by the worldwide Professional Diving Industry.

The NCCD has been developed with support from GASSCO, Equinor, Vår Energi, AkerBP, Subsea 7, TechnipFMC and Innovation Norway.

The NCCD is a low-cost unit that can be rented from NUI.

Contact us for more information:
+47 55 94 28 00


4 weeks 22 hours ago

NUI is invited by Derby University Hospital (NHS Foundation Trust) to include our new gas powered compact chest compression device (NCCD) in their research to find the best way to perform CPR in a diving bell. The research is done in a realistic and controlled environment. So far our NCCD is doing very well.

On-site an are doctors and nurses from the emergency department, along with operational dive medics, saturation divers, paramedics and NUI personnel.

Contact us for more information.


1 month 4 days ago

Have you forgotten to register for attending Bergen International Diving Seminar? Close to 100 persons from the industry have already registered to participate in the commercial diving industry's main event for information sharing and networking.

Please register using this link:

For more information and download the seminar program, please go to this link:


1 month 3 weeks ago

The 27th Bergen International Diving Seminar is due to take place on the 9th and 10th of November 2021. More than 70 participants from five different nations have already registered, and we are confident this year’s seminar will be an excellent event!

Official reception by Bergen municipality;
If you are attending the seminar, why not also attend the official reception by Bergen municipality on Monday 8th at 18:00? It is free entrance, and an excellent opportunity to meet other participants the evening before the seminar starts. We have amended the registration form to also include this event.

Opening of the seminar;
We are more than happy to announce that Mr Olav Skaar representing IOGP is opening the 2021 seminar. Mr Skaar will hopefully set the tone for presenters and participants and also provide some thoughts on this year’s slogan;

“Keeping diving relevant for the future".

For more information and registration, please press the below link:


2 months 1 week ago

NUI is using diver technology to treating patients.

Knowledge and experience gained from the diving industry is being used by NUI who are located in Bergen, Norway to help post–stroke rehabilitation, cancer patients, and other patients with ailments that benefit from hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

NORWEGIAN TECHNOLOGY TRANSFERS have published an article about NUI transfer of technology project.

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2 months 1 week ago

NUI had the honour to have Advanced Mechatronics visiting us from Germany during the summer of 2021.
The project lasted for two weeks and included qualification testing of a subsea actuator valve. This qualification testing did also have to meet the demanding requirements set in API 17F for rapid pressurisation and de-pressurisation rates.

The testing was done in the NUI test and verification chamber Obelix and utilized both electrical and gas/hydraulic feed throughs the lid, to operate and control the valve and to simulate valve bore pressures during various stages of testing.
This project also made use of our newly installed gas booster system, which can pressurise modules up to 690 bar, and also to pressurise both Asterix and Obelix with gas (Typical nitrogen).

During the last days of testing, our client also invited a few visitors to demonstrate the unique features of the subsea actuator valve.

Please contact us if you are interested to know more about our state of the art testing facilities or find more information at .
And also, thanks again to Advanced Mechatronics, for choosing us as a subcontractor for hyperbaric services.


3 months 2 weeks ago

NUI - 45 years anniversary!

6th July it is 45 years ago NUI was established, an we are proud to tell we still going strong and looking forward to the next 45years.

From our facility at Laksevåg in Bergen harbour we have built up unique competence, experience and facilities within underwater technology. We work closely with international expertise in a wide range of specialist areas applicable to the varied challenges within underwater operations. Our aim is to continuously contribute to improving equipment safety, lowering health risks and improving awareness of both areas.

NUI provides the subsea industry with a great diversity of products and services ranging from advanced research and competence, hyperbaric contingency, hyperbaric performance testing, engineering, training and pressure/equipment testing. NUI is owned by the Industry and we are considered an independent and neutral party during our work. As a result of this we are often used as a 3rd party for verification and testing.


3 months 3 weeks ago

A reminder for you about NUI's open webinar 1st July @ 12:30 Norwegian time: "Don’t skip a day of diving – it may protect you".

This webinar is for anyone interested in the results of Jan Risberg's study about the topic. Please send an email to if interested, and we will invite you to the open webinar.

In Norway there are restrictions in multiday diving. A couple of weeks ago Jan Risberg issued an article presenting his work stating that multiday hyperbaric exposure has been shown to reduce the incidence of decompression sickness (DCS) of compressed-air
Press the below link to read more: