Chemical analysis - NUI
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Chemical analysis

NUI has more than 40 years of experience with working towards reducing chemical health risk for personnel working under harsh conditions. With our unique test facilities and well equipped analysis laboratory we offer chemical analysis of air/gas, gas-tight sediment sampling and material off-gas testing.

Chemical analysis


Kim Løseth

Manager Test and Analyse


NUI has nearly 40 years of experience in working with chemical contamination in challenging environments. Our analysis laboratory offers testing and chemical analysis of samples from both normal and hyperbaric atmosphere.

  • Rental of sampling equipment (cylinders, adsorbent tubes)
  • Passive sampling on adsorbent tubes – an easy and cost-efficient method in both normal and hyperbaric atmosphere
  • Analysis of chemical contamination in working atmosphere, indoor and outdoor environment
  • Analysis of inorganic gases and VOC/solvents in compressed air and other gas mixtures
  • Material off-gas testing
  • Gas-tight seabed sampling and analysis


Our laboratory is equipped with the following instrumentation:

  • Gas chromatography – mass spectrometry with thermal desorbtion injection (ATD-GC-MS)
  • Reduction gas analyzer (RGA)
  • Fathom system