NUI | Pressure Testing
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Pressure Testing

NUI provides highly qualified personnel and services for testing of equipment and tools for use under pressure and harsh conditions. Our laboratory and test facility is equipped for testing and analysis of gas, chemicals and equipment.


At our test site at Laksevåg, Bergen, we can provide a number of pressure related tests for small and large components, both wet and dry.

Our chambers has a large numbers of penetrators, varies in size from 50m3 to 0,002m3, and are rated from 65 to 1000 bar.

Examples of tests that can be performed:

        • Electricals’ insulations
        • Collapse test
        • Thermal insulation
        • Compression
        • Leak test
        • Function testing in hyperbaric environment
        • Rapid pressure Transients test

Examples of Equipment that can be tested:

      • Subsea equipment
      • Subsea tools
      • Subsea sensors
      • Pressure hulls
      • Down hole instruments
      • Subsea atmosphere Cans/PODs
      • Electronic components
      • Cable drums

Please have a look at our page describing our facilities for more details, quck link: “Facilities


Kim Løseth

Manager Test and Analyse


This animation visualises our efficient operation while doing an hyperbaric test. Our facility is designed purposedly for testing.