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Test Facilities

Pressure chambers

  • DDC 4

    • Lenght 7130mm.
    • Diam 3000mm.
    • Vol 50m3.
    • Opening 3000mm.
    • Max pressure 65 bar.

  • DDC 7

    • Lenght 1800mm.
    • Diam 700mm.
    • Vol 0,7m3.
    • Opening 700mm.
    • Max pressure 300 bar.


Kim Løseth

Manager Test & Analysis


  • DDC 8

    • Lenght 650mm.
    • Diam 500mm.
    • Vol 0,13m3.
    • Opening 500mm.
    • Max pressure 150 bar.

  • DDC 9

    • Lenght 1100mm.
    • Diam 900mm.
    • Vol 0,9m3.
    • Opening 900mm.
    • Max pressure 60 bar.

  • DDC 10

    • Lenght 350mm.
    • Diam 170mm.
    • Vol 0,008m3.
    • Opening 170mm.
    • Max pressure 150 bar.

NUI laboratory

  • Thermo physiological lab
  • Chemical analysis laboratory, including GC/MS and ATD, MS and RGA3
  • Equipment for retrieving and analyzing seabed samples


For more information about our laboratory services, please follow link under.


NUI Laboratory services

Inhouse testpool

At our facility we can offer a temperature controlled training and test pool (7mx5mx3,5m) with:

  • 12t crane for ROV or equipment launch into pool.
  • Inspection windows allowing personnel to observe the operation.
  • Diving stations that includes hot water, gas and communications. Direct visual observation for supervision of divers through windows.




Subsea Testareas

NUI has established three Subsea test areas in the Close visinity to the Hyperbaric Reception Facility in Gravdal.

The Three test areas has the following dimensions :

  • Concrete plattform 20 m (Geopositioned for Acoustic testing)
  • 300 m² 90 m depth
  • 900 m² 20 m depth (quay side)


Subsea Well

In the Onarheimsfjord, South of Bergen, NUI has established a subsea well for testing and verification of light intervention equipment.

The well in drilled at 115 M dept, and is 298m deep. Both wellhead and the steel casing is pressure tested to 5000PSI




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