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NUI advisors

NUI’s advisors is a part of a team and can use each others competence if required in operational and technical questions. This also means that we will at all time have a back up to all advisors. Our advisors focus is safe and efficient operation.


Rolf Røssland

Managing Director


Diving/ROV advisory and auditor
Anthony started as a diver in 1973, and with offshore diving in 1975 . Trained as air diver, bell diver and diving supervisor. Long experience within Manned Underwater Operations. Good combination of operational and operative skills. Key Competence: MBA Economy BSc Logistics economist (HIB) Electrician Group L (NVE) Project Administration ROV/Sonar course HMS-K Excellence Bell diving Key Experience: Technical director Head of technical infrastructure Client representative Maintenance Manager Project Manager diving Dive and ROV supervisor Bell diver    
Diving physician and auditor
Bård is an experienced Doctor with a demonstrated history of working in Emergency Medical Services, hyperbaric/ diving medicine, and occupational medicine in the oil & energy industry. Also background from Dept. of Surgery. Skilled in HSE Management Systems, Petroleum, Emergency Management, HAZOP/ Risk Management, and Emergency Medicine. Strong healthcare services professional with a MD degree from the University of Bergen (UiB)  
Project management, diving and remote (ROV) intervention, senior advisor, auditor, client representative
With his 35 years’ experience, Bjørn has an extensive knowhow and experience in subsea intervention work. His experience includes senior project management for larger Subsea Construction projects, EPCI and SURF. He holds both an MBA and a Master degree in Subsea Engineering. He has experience from working on offshore construction vessels as both a diver, engineer and Offshore Manager and Client Representative (Heavy lift vessels, DSVs, ROV and remote intervention). He carries out both diving audits as well as compliance measurements. Key competence: MSc Risk & reliability (NTH) MBA (NHH) Safety & Environmental Engineering Project Management Business (Acergy) Marketing education Accounting education Bell diving Key experience: Mayor of Randaberg Managing Director Business Manager Business Development Manager (SURF) Tender Manager Offshore Manager (IMR / Diving / Heavy Lift /Flexible lay) Group Project Manager Project Manager Senior Safety Engineer Training Consultant Diving  
Diving/ROV and subsea intervention advisor
Brynjulv has more than 20 years of experience within subsea intervention and marine operations. He has acted as advisor to oil companies, marine operators, banks and insurance companies. - Client rep/ diving rep Offshore - ROV operations - Audit and revision - Offshore manager - Management of Manned Underwater Operations - Regulations and legislations for Offshore diving - Management of Marine operations
Einar has more than 35 years of experience within various advisory and management position in the offshore industry. Very good knowledge of regulatory requirements and Industry standards and Guidelines related to Underwater Operations. - HSEQ management - Petroleum regulations and legislation (from PSA) - Audit, revision and investigations - Compliance - Management of Manned Underwater Operations - Risk management - Occupational health
HSE, Medic, auditor and project management
Fredrik has more than 20 years of experience within emergency medicine and various emergency services. Educated and trained as anesthetic and trauma nurse, and HSEQ. - Medical services - Emergency medicine, first aid - Emergency preparedness - Teaching - HSEQ - Project management
Diving/ROV/Subsea intervention advisor, auditor and project management
Geir has more than 35 years of experience from subsea and diving industry offshore and inshore. Trained and worked as air/hard hat diver, bell diver and diving supervisor (air and mix gas). Long and broad experience with offshore operations, including planning and execution. - Client rep / Diving advisor - HSEQ management / Risk Assesments - Management of Manned and Remote (ROV) Underwater Operations - Hyperbaric Welding - Diving systems and equipment - Regulations for on/offshore operations - Audit, revisions and investigations - Compliance checks
Diving physician and auditor
Jan har more than 30 years of experience on the field of hyperbaric medicine.
Diving/ROV/Rescue diving advisor, auditor, project management
Johnny has 35 years of experience in the offshore industry primarily within diving. He is also an instructor at the Norwegian Governmental Diving School. - Client rep/ diving advisor - Management of Manned Underwater Operations - Diving regulations and legislation's - Diving supervisor
Diving/ROV/Legislation advisory and auditor
Kåre has more than 40 years of experience within various advisory and research positions in the offshore industry. He has participated in several industry forums for Diving, including expert group for NORSOK U-100. - Compliance - Petroleum regulations and legislation - Diving systems/equipment - Client rep / diving advisory - Management of Manned Underwater Operations - Biophysics and Technical Engineering
Project management and engineering
Kim has 9 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. 4 years as a project engineer, performing mainly flexibles installation analysis and installation procedures and experience in offshore executions. For the past 5 years, Kim has worked as an senior engineer and test and analysis department manager for NUI, with internal engineering task and significant experience in undertaking compliance testing of diving systems world wide (e.g. IMCA D02/06, thermal balance, breathing equipment, comms). Kim has an educational background  from underwater technology, marine constructions and operations, from NTNU.  
- Offshore execution - Tendering - Technical testing and planning - Installation procedures and analysis
Diving/ROV advisory and auditor
Kjartan has an extensive career both as diver and as supervisor for diving operations. Working for several companies throughout his career few has been involved in more diving projects than Kjartan.
Company rep/Technical lead/Senior Subsea Construction Engineer/Dive Rep.
Kjartan has 23+ years of varied hands-on Subsea experience with a solid track-record of successfully completed projects. His tasks in the recent projects have been as Technical lead,  Senior Subsea Construction Engineer, Company Main offshore Rep. and as onboard Dive Rep. Kjartan is result oriented, proactive, and works well both independently as well as within teams. In projects he takes responsibility and manages commercial, technical and operational risk in order to ensure successful project completion.    
Diving advisor/Company Rep/Project Engineer
Kjetil has experience both as surface supplied air diver and and subsea engineer. As a subsea engineer he has particpating and managing projects related to SURF, and also worked on maintenance of subsea modules.
Diving/ROV advisor, QHSE auditor and project management
Mikal Sjur started his career as a Royal Norwegian Mine Clearance diver from 1971. Working in all positions from Diver through Superintendent before going into onshore Management positions in 1983. Wide experiences in subsea intervention management work for operators as well as contractors. During his career he has contributed in building up professional diving organisations in various companies. He also has a broad experience in QHSES work as Auditor, Department Manager and Authority Contact for operating companies
Project Manager & marine surveys
  Ole has more than 20 years of experience from marine operations, both on the maritime vessel management and offshore surveys. He also has experience in subsea cable-laying, trenching, ROV operations and rig-moves.    
- QHSE Management - Audits - Project Management - Contract advisory - Surveys - Maritime management
Diving/ROV/Rescue diving advisor, auditor, project management
More than 35 years of experience in the diving industry. Educated and trained as Diver. Per Ragnar has also been teaching new divers and involved with inshore diving operations. - Client rep/ diving rep inshore/offshore - Management of Manned Underwater Operations - Regulations and legislation's for inshore diving - Diving supervisor - Audit and revision of diving contractors - Instructor and auditor for Rescue divers
Diving/ROV advisory and auditor
Stein started his career in the diving industry in 1980 and have since had a versatile career both both while working for the dive contractor companies and outside the industry doing project work for construction companies, running and piloting in helicopter companies and not least working as a training instructor.
Diving/ROV advisor, auditor and project management
Tomas has more than 35 years of experience in the diving industry as saturation diver, instructor and client diving representative. - Client rep / diving rep - Management of Manned Underwater Operations - Regulations and legislation's for offshore operations - Diving supervisor - Instructor and auditor for saturation diving courses
Diving/ROV/Rescue diving advisor, auditor, project management
  More than 35 years of experience in the diving industry. - Client rep/ diving rep inshore/offshore - Management of Manned Underwater Operations - Regulations and legislation's for inshore diving - Diving supervisor - Audit and revision of diving contractors - Instructor and auditor for Rescue divers
Project Engineer/Company rep
An engineering professional with more than 30 years SURF Projects experience including front end design, engineering, fabrication, installation, tie-in, commissioning and decommissioning of subsea assets. In depth knowledge of the SURF supplier market for services and components. Worked in lead engineering positions in operator’s project organisation on major field development projects from feed through commissioning. Experience from working with both operators and suppliers in multi discipline roles onshore and offshore. Proven experience in collaborating with and managing engineers, contractors and vendors. A proven record in leading, monitoring and conducting engineering, design and construction. Significant experience from managing diving and construction vessel operations both offshore and onshore.