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NUI Reports

NUI provides highly qualified advisors to the Oil and Gas industry. Our personnel has participated in development of national and international standards.

NUI Report 2021-33: Health surveillance programme for diving in the range 180-225 msw

This report is open for anyone to read. Please send and email to for a copy free of charge.

NUI- reports 1979

NUI 1‑79 Grimstad, J. & R.W. Hamilton Long term effects of saturation diving. 54p.
NUI 2‑79 Hjertager, B.H., B.W. Kahrs, A. Nygaard & C.R. Olsen Test of COMEX closed circuit breathing systems.Version 3.4. 79. 24p. (Conf.).
NUI 3‑79 Furevik, D.M., B.H. Hjertager, B.W. Kahrs & C.R. Olsen Test of Intersub Lockout Breathing Systems. 34p. (Conf.)
NUI 4‑79 Test results for functional testing of submersible pump Bergen 1979. Various paging. (Conf.)
NUI 5‑79 Jacobsen, E. Decompression theory. A prelim. study of literature. 28p
NUI 6‑79 Hjertager, B.H., B.W. Kahrs, S. Lund & A. Aakre Test of COMEX closed circuit breathing systems. Version 26.6.79. 29p (Conf.).
NUI 7‑79 Hjertager, B.H. & E. Neilson Test of Seaway Helinaut push‑pull breathing system. Version. 15.8.79. 45p.
NUI 8‑79 Diesen, A. Electrical safety in manned underwater systems. 26p.
NUI 9‑79 Diesen, A. Electricity in water ‑ Diver’s safety. Theoretical part. (Prelim.). 65p. (Final see NUI 5‑80, open).
NUI 14‑79 Furevik, D.M. Hygienic consid. and inf. about the qualit. and quantit. com­position of fumes and gases from welding & estimation of gas flow requ. 26+8p.
NUI 15‑79 Hjertager, B.H., B.W. Kahrs & E. Neilson Test of breathing resistance in normal‑air “deep dive” 500. 17p. (Conf.).
NUI 16‑79 Furevik, D.M. Brann‑eksplosjon i slanger/rør. 15p.
NUI 17‑79 Hjertager, B.H., A. Nygaard & A. Aakre Decompression rates in hyperbaric chambers. 18p.
NUI 18‑79 Hjertager, B.H., D.M.Furevik, B.W.Kahrs & C.R.Olsen Exp. Investig. Breath. characteristics and CO2absorber end. of CC and SC BA. 39p.
NUI 19‑79 Frydenbø, F.T., B.H. Hjertager, A. Nygaard & C.R. Olsen The NUI Breathing simulator ‑ design and experience. 13p.
NUI 20‑79 Jacobsen, E. Strekkrefter ved kabelforbindelse mellom overflate‑og undervannsfarkoster. 21p.
NUI 21‑79 Jacobsen, E. AIS Computer program for simulation and evaluation of underwater imaging. 39p.
NUI 22‑79 Jacobsen, E. Acoustic imaging in water. A review of a theory applied and physical conditions. 52p. (Conf.)
NUI 23‑79 Diesen, A. Safety problems in manned underwater operations. (Electric power shock hazard). 45p.
NUI 24‑79 Molvær, O.I., T. Gjestland, G. Oftedal & S. Hatlestad Hearing damage risk due to noise from jet tool operated under water. 22p.
NUI 25‑79 Hamilton, R.W., S. Tønjum & R.E. Peterson Proposal. Testing of diver thermal protection in a simulated “lost bell” .6p.

NUI- reports 1978

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NUI- reports 1977

NUI 1‑77 Pedersen, O. Deepwater hyperbaric welding program safety comments and recommendations. 41s + app. (Conf.)
NUI 2‑77 Pedersen, O. Evakuering av dykker under trykk. 30p.


Newer reports
NUI report register:

NUI Report  06–98:      Brakstad, K., Sundland, H., Hansen, R.:

Pressure test of 5 each Sub Sea Sand Detectors. 1p.+ app.(conf.)


NUI Report  07-98:       Brakstad, K., Sundland, H.:

Pressure test of composite container. (confidential)


NUI Report  08–98:      Brakstad, K.,  Sundland, H.: Pressure test 2 of Proto 1 composite container. 1 p. + app.  (Confidential)


NUI Report  09–98:      Brakstad, K., Sundland, H.: Flow test of RACAL Breath Easy Plus

BE1+.6 p. + app. (Confidential)


NUI Report  10–98:      Brakstad,K., Sundland, H., Hansen,R.:

Pressure test of 2 each ORYX Sub Sea Pig   Detectors  PDS 500 S.

1 p. +    app. (Confidential)


NUI Report  11–98:      Brakstad, K., Kristiansen, T. &  Litangen, A.:

SCS Breathing Simulator Test of Flipper Boat Gas Panel.

7 p. + app. (confidential)


NUI Report  12–98:      Brakstad, K., Sundland, H., Hansen, R.: Pressure test of 8 each PDS 500S Sub Sea Pig Detectors and 6 each Sub Sea Sand Detectors. 1 p. + app. (confidential)


NUI Report  13–98:      Brakstad,K., Sundland,H.: Pressure Cycling Test of Sand Monitor, serial No.002. 1p. + app. (confidential)


NUI Report  14–98:      Brakstad, K. : Calibration of Flowmeter Type Stübbe Model DFM 350  for use in Welding Habitat with Helium/Oxygen. 6 p. (Confidential)


NUI Report 15–98:       Djurhuus,R., Segadal,K.: Vurdering av helserisiko ved dykkeoperasjoner over rørledning med gasslekkasje. 5p.


NUI Report 16–98:       Schønhardt,A.: Gullfaks Satellitt (GFSAT) Sluttrapport   fra Statoil Site

Representative om bord i “Bar protector” i perioden 29.08.98 – 02.09.98.


NUI Report 17–98:       Brakstad,K.: 12 hours pressure Test of Pig Monitor, serial No.002.

1p. + app. (Confidential)


NUI Report 18–98:       Brakstad,K.: Pressure Test of 4ea. Sand detectors for Heidrun.

1p.+app. (Confidential)



NUI Report 19–98:       Brakstad,K.: Pressure Test of 2 ea. PIG Detectors for

PDS CABUT. 1 p. + app. (Confidential)


NUI Report 20–98:       Schønhardt,A.: Inspeksjonsrapport “Mammut Mjø 2”

S-Dykk ved Laksevåg Verft, Bergen 05.10.98. 5 p.


NUI Report 21–98:       Schønhardt,A.: Inspection Report of Diving spread

“Aarsleff 105” at Hinna, Stavanger 29.09.98.


NUI Report 22–98:       Sortland,J., Sundland,H.: Test av endring i oppdrift ved

stigende trykk for en slange med påvulkanisert oppdriftsmateriale.

5 p. (Confidential)


NUI Report 23–98:       Tøndell,E.: Absorbsjonsegenskaper til tre typer pustekalk. 14 p.





NUI Report 01–99:        Brakstad,K., Sundland,H.: Pressure Test of Marine

Elastomers Cable Assembly ID 98-782.  p. +app. (confidential)


NUI Report 02–99:        Solheimsnes,P.A.: Improved simulation of a diver’s breathing



NUI Report 04–99:        Schønhardt,A.: Årsrapport 1998 for Kontrakt nr.:96/RAMM/057432

Rammeavtale for entrepriseoppdrag for undervannstjenester mellom

Statoil og NUI AS.


NUI Report 05–99:        Kahrs,B.W.: Øvelse i hyperbar beredskap 5. – 7. Jan.1999.


NUI Report 06–99:        Fondevik,V.: ALFA og OMEGA Dykkerelatert FoU-prosjekt.

Kvartalsrapport 4. Kvartal 1998.


NUI Report 07–99:        Fondevik,V: Dykkerelatert FoU-prosjekt.

Kvartalsrapport 1. Kvartal 1999.


NUI Report 08–99:       Hope,A.: Væsketap ved dykking.


NUI Report 09–99:       Fondevik,V.: Dykkerelatert  FoU-prosjekt.

Kvartalsrapport 2. Kvartal 1999.


NUI Report 10–99:       Vedeler,T.: Utredning i forbindelse med test av vedlikeholdsfri

glidelagerløsning. (confidential)


NUI Report 11– 99:      Vedeler,T.: Rapport etter trykktesting av beholder.(confidential)



NUI Report  12-99:       Brakstad,K.: Kartlegging av pusteutstyr i bruk på DSV Regalia

og DSV Seaway Pelikan.


NUI Report 13–99:       Seim.J.B.: Functional test at 250bar ambient pressure of 2700Nm

Torque Tool, Turns Counter, torque Sensor and Remote Control

Unit (RCU) to be used at the “Girassol” field. (confidential)


NUI Report 14–99:       Seim,J.B.: Functional test at 250bar ambient pressure of a Hub

Cleaning Unit and Remote Control Unit to be used at the

“Girassol” field. (confidential)


NUI Report 15–99:       McClimans,O.T.H.: Absorbsjonsegenskaper til fem ulike typer kalk.


NUI Report 16 99:        Fondevik,V.: Dykkerelatert FoU-prosjekt.

Kvartalsrapport 3.kvartal 1999.


NUI Report 17–99:       Risberg,J.: Arbeidsmiljøkartlegging – Innaskjærs dykking.


NUI Report 18–99:       Risberg,J: GAP – analyse. Dykkeforskriftens Kap.V. (confidential)






NUI Report  01-00:       Brakstad,K., Sortland,J.: Trykktesting av El.Beholder til

300 bar.(conf.)


NUI Report  02-00:       Brakstad,K., Sortland,J.: Gjentatt trykktest av El.Beholder til

300 bar.(conf.)


NUI Report  03-00:       Solheimsnes,P.A, Wik,A.: Flowmaster  simulations of divers

Breathing apparatus.


NUI Report 05-00:        Brakstad,K., Jensen,E.: Pressure tests of 1ea. 2 metre El.cable

and 1 ea. 25 metre El.cable to 300 bar. (conf.)


NUI Report 06-00:        Sortland,J.: Pressure tests of joints on 3 different cable samples,

each approximately 2 metres long. (conf.)


NUI Report 08-00:        Brakstad,K., Jensen,E.: Pressure tests of 1ea. Housing for

Multiphase Flow Meter identified with the following numbers:

SN 1, 60190114101, CH A8723. (conf.)


NUI Report 09-00:        Campell C.: Third party verification on intervention work on

Troll Pilot. (conf.)


NUI Report 10-00:        Brakstad,K., Jensen,E.: Pressure tests of 1ea. 25 metre El.cable

to 300 bar. (conf.)


NUI Report 11-00:        Brakstad,K.: Pressure tests of cable end sealings. (conf.)


NUI Report 12-00:        Steinkopf,S., Roseth,I.: Kjemisk forurensing av arbeidsatmosfære.



NUI Report 15-00:        Brakstad,K.: Pressure test of 1ea. Housing for Multiphase Flow

Meter identified with the following numbers:

SN 2, 60210114101, CHN A9207. (conf.)


NUI Report 16-00:        Brakstad,K.: Pressure tests of 1ea. Housing for Mulitphase Flow

Meter identified with the following numbers: SN 1, 60210114101,

CHN A9207. (conf.)


NUI Report 22-00:        Eknes,E., Kleppestø,Ø., Sundland,H.: Hyperbaric Noise Levels

inside the diving Complex on board “Seaway Osprey”.(conf.)


NUI Report 23-00:        Schønhardt,A.: Kalstø ilandføring 2000. Inspeksjon av dykker-

arbeider utført av Riise Underwater Engineering fra “Risøy” i

forbindelse med årlig inspeksjon og vedlikehold fra 09.08.00 til 30.08.00.


NUI Report 25-00:        Roseth,I.E.: Cleaning agents for breathing gas pipes.

Report – Phase VII.





NUI Report 01-01:        Djurhuus,R. m.fl.: Limonen – Industrielt avfettingsmmiddel og

arbeidsmiljøfaktor. Toksitet og mekanismer ved samtidig ekspertering for



NUI Report 02-01:        Brakstad,K.: Tests of breathing systems onboard DSV Seaway Osprey.



NUI Report 03-01:        Brakstad,K.: Function tests of breathing systems onboard Toisa Polaris.



NUI Report 04-01:        Djurhuus,R.: Additive toxicity of limonene and 50% oxygen and

the role of glutathione in detoxification in human lung cells.


NUI Report 05-01:        Sundland,H., Holand,B.: Testing of environmental control system

for hyperbaric lifeboat onboard DSV Toisa Polaris. (Conf.)


NUI Report 06-01:        Sundland,H., Holand,B.: Testing of environmental control system

for one (CH 8) onboard DVS Seaway Osprey. (Conf.)


NUI Report 07-01:        Vedeler, T.: Teknisk utredning TomX.



NUI Report 08-01:        Hope,A.: Testing of the Hot Water System onboard

DSV Toisa Polaris. (Conf.)


NUI Report 09-01:        Myrseth,E.: Exercise HYPEX, Mating of OME HLB to

NUI Chamber 6. (Conf.)


NUI Report 10-01:        Hansson,T.: Kalstø ilandføring 2001.

Inspeksjon og reparasjon av betongkulvert F3.(Conf.)


NUI Reports 2002:


NUI Report  02-02:       Hope,A.: Testhåndbok for dykkeutstyr;

Testhandbook of Diving   Equipment – Vol.1 Rev.1.


NUI Report  03-02:      Olsen,G.M. : Oil-Net. (Conf.)


NUI Report  03-02:      Ørjansen,O.:  Sluttrapport for prosjektering av Tauet Farkost.


NUI Report  04-02:       Hansson,T.H.: Inspection of the Regalia PMS-”Star IPS”. (Conf.)


NUI Report  05-02:       Schønhardt,A.: Øvelse med OME Hyperbar Livbåt fra Toisa Polaris gjennomført

ved NUI mandag 29. og tirsdag 30. oktober 2001. (Conf.)


NUI Report  06-02:       Mjaavatten,O.:  Analysis of CO, H2 and voilate organic components onboard

HnoMS ”Utsira” during a one-day ”miniSurvivex” April 24th– 25th 2002. (Conf.)

NUI Report  09-02:      Englund,M.:  Self-reported Headache during Saturation Diving.


NUI Report  10-02:       Ørjansen,O.:  Preliminary evaluation of subsea version of TomX. (Conf.)


NUI Report  11-02:       Risberg, J.: Stretcher transport of patient within NUI hyperbaric complex.


NUI Report  13-02:       Eknes,E.:  MRT – Verification of  Diving Communication in Chamber 1,2,3 and

4 in NUI Hyperbaric Chamber System. (Conf.)


NUI Report  14-02:       Sundland,H.:  Evaluation of the Lighting System in NUI,s Chamber Complex.



NUI Report  15-02:       Ørjansen,O.:  Strength analysis of Radar Dome for Troll. (Conf.)


NUI Report  16-02:       Kaldestad,G.L., Patell,R.:  Sluttrapport i prosjektet ”HUGIN for HI”


NUI Report  17-02:       Hansson,T.H. : Inspeksjon av Seløy Undervannsservices M/S”Nautilus

Survey”. (Conf.)


NUI Report  19-02:       K.Segadal/A.Hope :Dive 250: R&D Projects – A  Summary of Protocols.



NUI Report  20-02:       Mjaavatten,O.:  Analysis of volatile organic components from gas

cylinders sampled onboard HNoMS”Utsira” as part of the Survivex project

during the submarine exercise “Sorbet Royal”MAy 20th – 31st 2002.



NUI Report  21-02:       Brakstad, K.:  Report from Unmanned Test of NUI’s Life Support System

January-February 2002 and Verification during Manned Dive October





NUI Reports 2003:


NUI Report 01-03:      Mjaavatn, O: Analysis of CO2, H2, O2 …….    (Conf.)


NUI Report 02 -03:      Hanssen, T.H.: Årlig inspeksjon – Kalstø.    (Conf.)


NUI Report 03 -03:      Hansson, T.H.: Reparasjon av sidelagere Kalstø 2003. (Conf.)


NUI Report 04 -03:      Schønhardt, A.: Øvelse/trening hyperbar mottaksberedskap

Oktober 2003.


NUI Report 06 -03:      Ørjansen, O.: Vurdering av forankring til NUTEC betonglekter.



NUI Reports 2004:


NUI Report 01 -04:      Mjaavatn, O: Routine surveillance of chemical contamination of diving

atmosphere during a dry simulated dive to 250 msw (2.6 Mpa) at NUI`s

hyperbaric chamber complex, October 2002. (Conf.)


NUI Report 02 -04:      Roseth, I.E.: Kvalitetskontroll av kompressorluft.


NUI Report 03 -04:      Schønhardt, A.: Rapport fra inspeksjon av dykkeanlegg i Murmansk.


NUI Report 04 -04:      Aalberg, S.L.: Dykking Snøhvit Melkeøya. (Conf.)


NUI Report 05 -04:      Brakstad, K.: Test of Air Breathing System on board DSV

Seaway Osprey.  (Conf.)


NUI Report 06 -04:      Schønhardt, A.: Compatibility test between NUI hyperbaric reception

facilities and Hyperbaric Lifeboat (HLB) from “CSO Wellservicer”.


NUI Report 07 -04:       Risberg, J.: Testing of the Meditron Stethoscope system.


NUI Report 09 -04:       Risberg, J.: Testing of the Penlon Oxford ventilator Mk 1. (Conf.)


NUI Report 10 -04:       Grønning ,M.: Prediktorer  for funksjonsutfall i sentralnervesystemet etter

metningsdykk dypere enn 200 meter.


NUI Report 12 -04:        Hope ,A.:  Lungeendotelundersøkelse . Endring av angiotensin

converting enzyme (ACE) under metningsdykking til 2,6 Mpa.  (Conf.)


NUI Report 13 –04:       Hope, A.:  Væskebalanse.  (Conf.)



NUI Report 15 –04:  Hansson,T.H.: Experience Report – South Pars Clamp Repair Project.




NUI Reports 2005:


NUI Report 01-05: Aalberg, S.L.: Amundsen Diving Anodeinnstallasjon Produksjonskai

Melkeøya Hammerfest.  (Conf.)



NUI Report 02-05:  Roseth, I.E.:  Analysis of diving gas from DSND Pelican, taken at

7th. December 2004


NUI Report 04-05: Hansson, T.H.: Årsrapport – Anleggsdykking for Statoil 2004.



NUI Report 06-05:  Hansson, T.H.: Tyrihans DEH Qualification – Heving av testrør.



NUI Report 07-05  Brekken Rudolf. : Støy i dykkerhjelm og nødluft til hjelmdykker.



NUI Report 08-05  Aalberg,S.L.: Dykkeoperasjoner Melkøya/Snøhvit 2005

Riise Underwater Engineering A/S    (Conf.)


NUI Report 09-05   Kåre Brakstad.: Verification Report 2005




NUI Reports 2006:


NUI Report 02-06 Hansson, T.H.: Odin Pipeline Geophysical & Geotechnical Survey.



NUI Report 03-06 Roseth, I.E.: Analyse av VOC i Tenax-prøver tatt fra kontorbygg.



NUI Report 04-06 Roseth, I.E.: Analyse av VOC i Tenax-prøver tatt fra et industrimiljø.



NUI Report 05-06 Roseth, I.E.: Analysis of diving gas from Toisa Polaris, taken at 6th and 8th

of May 2006. (Conf.)



NUI Report 06-06 Roseth, I.E.: Analysis of diving gas from Toisa Polaris, taken at 28th and 30th

of March and 7th of April. (Conf.)


NUI Report 07-06 Roseth, I.E.: Analysis of diving gas from Wellservicer, taken at 4th of

August 2006. (Conf.)




NUI Reports 2007:


NUI Report 01-07 Roseth, I.E.: Analyse av VOC i oksygenflasker fra Viper SC dykkeapparat.



NUI Report 02-07 Djurhuus, R.: Improvement of gas purification in welding habitat.



NUI Report 03-07 Seim, J.B: 3rd Party verification of Induction Pre-Heat Systems vs.

Diver Safety.  (Conf.)


NUI Report 04-07 Holand, B.: Testing of life support system of two hyperbaric lifeboats

Onboard DSND Pelican. (Conf.)


NUI Report 05-07 Schønhardt, A.: Planlagt trening og øvelse hyperbar mottaksberedskap 04.07.



NUI Report 06-07 Roseth, I.E.: Evaluation of chemical contamination in the PRS welding

habitat and gas purification system during a welding operation

at Langeled in April 2007. (Conf.)


NUI Report 07-07 Roseth, I.E.: Test for off-gassing of VOC in CHAS habitat umbilical at

Dusavika on 15th of May 2007.(Conf.)


NUI Report 08-07 Brekken R.: Ferdigstillelse av prosjekt: Nødluft i standard dykkerhjelm.


NUI Report 09-07 Brekken R.: Ferdigstillelse av prosjekt: Støydemping i standard dykkerhjelm.



NUI Reports 2008:


NUI Report 01-08 Aakre, A.: Subsea test hall survey Hordaland.


NUI Report 02-08 Djurhuus, R.: Optimalisation of breathing gas in welding habitat. (Conf.)


NUI Report 03-08 Roseth, I.E.: Analysis of diving atmosphere from DSV Gulmar Falcon,

taken in July, October and December 2005/January 2006.







NUI Reports 2009:


  NUI Report 03-09 Roseth, I.E.: Analyse av uorganiske gasser og vanndamp i dykkerflaske.





NUI Reports 2010:


NUI Report 01-10 Djurhuus, R.: Health risk assessment – gaskets and hoses in LSS module in

                                                      welding habitat. (Conf.)


NUI Report 02-10 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H.: Analysis of cylinder gas samples taken from gas

bank and compressors onboard DSV “Skandi Artic” on 10th of

March 2010. (Conf.)


NUI Report 03-10 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H.: Analysis of cylinder gas samples taken from

compressors and boosters onboard DSV “Skandi Artic” on 27th of

May 2010. (Conf.)


NUI Report 04-10 Roseth, I.E.: Rapportens tittel: Analyserapport BTEX på Tenax TA-rør. (Conf.)


NUI Report 05-10 Roseth, I.E.: Verification tests of Gold Oxidation Catalyst NanAuCatTM.


NUI Report 06-10 Roseth, I.E.: Analyserapport BTEX på Tenax.(Conf.)


NUI Report 07-10 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H., Djurhuus, R.: Analysis of cylinder gas samples

taken from diving system onboard DSV Skandi Artic on 8th of

September 2010. (Conf.)


NUI Report 07-10 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H., Djurhuus, R.: Analysis of chamber gas samples                                taken onboard DSV Skandi Artic  in September 2010. (


NUI Report 08-10 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H., Djurhuus, R.: Analysis of chamber gas samples                                taken from diving system onboard DSV Skandi Artic in

November 2010. (Conf.)


NUI Report 09-10 Djurhuus, R.: Endothelial damage and cellular defence mechanisms:

A DNA microarray study on the effect of heat shock and

simulated diving on endothelial cells. (Conf.)


NUI Report 2011:


NUI Report 01-11 Njøten, T., Fondevik, V., Røssland R.: Dykkebasert metode for opphenting av

kvikksølv fra U-864 (Conf.)


NUI Report 02-11 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H., Njøten, T.: Welding fumes analysis at Serimax UK



NUI Report 03-11 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H.: Gas sampling at Technip’s Modular Hyperbaric

Reception System in Sweden. (Conf.)


NUI Report 04-11 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H., Djurhuus, R.: Performance of new LSS/POCO 2

during tests in the welding habitat.


NUI Report 06-11 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H.: Analysis of chamber gas samples from DSV Skandi

Arctic, taken in June and July 2011. (Conf.)


NUI Report 07-11 Roseth, I.E.: Analysis of CO concentration in gas cylinder from Dominion gas.




NUI Report 08-11 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H.: Analysis of chamber gas samples from DSV Skandi

Arctic, taken in September 2011. (Conf.)


NUI Report 09-11 Roseth, I.E., Sundland, H.: Analysis of chamber gas samples from DSV Seven

Pelican, taken 24th of  September 2011. (Conf.)


NUI Report A-12 Segadal, K., Sammenstilling av dykk til 300 msv eller dypere, gjennomført i

ulike land. (Conf.)









Some research that has been undertaken at NUI has resulted in open reports. The index of these reports can be found in the link on this page.

For ordering of the reports please contact or press the below button and fill out the request form.


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