Førstehjelpskurs for bedrift
First aid courses for your company, customized as needed.
first aid, defibrillator, work accident, course, injury
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First aid courses for businesses Førstehjelpskurs

First aid courses customised for your business
Courses in Norwegian and English


Wherever you work, or whatever you are working with, we can create a course that is suitable for Your business. In collaboration with your company, we put together content based on the areas of risk that exists for you.


We have already put together a variety of courses designed to match different companies:

  • 3-hour first aid course for industrial companies
  • 3-hour first aid course for contracting companies
  • 3-hour first aid course in offices
  • 3-hour first aid course for public and transport companies


  • 4-hour first aid course for schools / kindergartens
  • 4-hour first aid course for electricians


  • 6-hour first aid course for healthcare professionals


The courses can be expanded / or reduced when required, but shorter courses of less than three hours are not recommended


For futher information or participation, please contact us at:


Email: kurs@nui.no