NUI | Medical examination
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Medical examination


NUI provide a full range of health examinations for workers requested to hold a medical certificate for their work. The examination comply with relevant legislative requirements and are performed by physicians authorized for such examination. NUI may offer:



  • Diving
    • In shore diving (Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority )
    • Off shore diving (Norwegian Health Directorate, the examination is reciprocally approved by UK HSE)


  • Aviation examinations
    • Examination of cabin crew, ATC, AFIS/HFIS and pilots in agreement with Norwegian CAA and EASA regulations


  • Off-shore workers medical certificate
    • (Norweigan) off-shore medicals per regulation of the Norwegian health Directorate


  • Seafarer examinations
    • Seafarer examination (Norwegian Maritime Authority)
    • Pilot examination (Norewgian Coastal Administration)


Jan Risberg

Diving Physician