Bergen international diving seminar 2021
Bergen international diving seminar 2021
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Sharing best practice by meeting


2021 slogan: Keeping diving relevant for the future

9th & 10th November 2021 – Scandic Flesland Airport

(Official reception 8th November @ 18:00)

On behalf of everyone involved in the seminar I would like to thank all participants for contributing making it a very good seminar.

As mentioned in the closing remarks of the seminar, “it is all about collaboration”, collaboration between all stakeholders in the industry. The next seminar will be in November 2022, we already look forward to this event and see if the industry has embraced the concept of collaboration as talked about.

Participation list for the 2021 seminar can be downloaded from right hand column


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OFHB Members


  • Program Committee Members

    • Andy Butler – TechnipFMC
    • Arnfinn Anfindsen – AkerBP
    • Ingunn Kalve – Subsea7
    • Olav Sande Eftedal – Equinor
    • Øyvind Loennechen – PTIL(PSA)
    • Steve Sheppard – Helix/IMCA
    • Rolf Røssland – NUI
    • Ulrik Jünge – TechnipFMC
    • Ole Lund – NUI (admin support)

  • Industry Management Advisory Board

    • Allen Leatt – IMCA
    • Olav Sande Eftedal – DMAC
    • Phil Newsum – ADCI
    • Rolf Røssland – NUI


Section 1
An Operator’s experience with Diving intervention
Max Knutsen – Lundin Energy
Offshore wind diving – Possibilities and challenges
Roar Jørgensen – Equinor
Shah Deniz 2 project – Safe and compliant diving operations from seal to seal
Massimo Garbo – CNS
& Kristopher Chambers, BP UK
Green Initiatives – Worlds first hybrid battery DSV and use of biofuels
Andrew Manson – TechnipFMC Onefleet
Utilising DSV Dive Systems for TUP-diving – operational experiences
David Scott – TechnipFMC Onefleet
DNV total risk assessment for offshore North Sea diving
Audun Brandsæter – DNV
Section 2
Focus on Lifecycle Risk Management of Automation Systems used in Commercial Diving Vessels
Ed Gardyne – Safewell Solutions Ltd
Updates from IMCA
Peter Sieniewicz & Bryan McGlinchy – IMCA
ADCI/U.S. sector update
Phil Newsum – ADCI
Revision of NORSOK U100 & U101
Arnfinn Anfindsen – Standard Norway expert group EG-UB
IOGP diving related standards – introduction and discussion
Kris Chambers – BP UK/IOGP
Unions/divers look at the future – how to maintain the diving industry
Jake Molloy – The UK National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers trade union (RMT)
Diving in the UK: News from the HSE UK
Phil Crombie – UK HSE
Update from Norwegian PSA
Øyvind Loennechen – Petroleumstilsynet (PTIL)
Phillips SS hyperbaric chamber incident of November 1981
Dave Hutchinson – H.M. Inspector of Health and Safety (Diving Specialist), HSE UK Energy Division
Section 3
Update on research – NTNU Summary of “Long term Project”
Ingrid Eftedal – Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU)
Roxanne Monnoyer – Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU)
Divers and nutritions – update on research project
Sanjoy Deb – University of Westminster
Review of current saturation decompression procedures in the offshore industry
Jean Pierre Imbert – Divetech
Method study for resuscitation of diver in Diving Bell
Dr Phil Bryson – Iqarus International SOS JV
Dr Graham Johnson – University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust
Introducing new diver health monitoring technology
Fraser Stewart – JFD Global
Introducing new medical emergency equipment to the industry
Fredrik Bærheim – NUI
Section 4
Lesson learned from 2020/21 Covid situation, where are we now?
Olav Eftedal – Equinor
Control of Pseudomonas and other bacteriological pathogens in saturation chambers
Steve Sheppard – Helix Well Ops (UK) Ltd
Fleet and mission equipment digitalization – operational experiences
Graeme Russel – TechnipFMC Onefleet
How to fulfil environmental sustainability expectations
Erik Bergh – IMCA
Actual Pressure Cycling in diving systems and follow-up inspections
Duncan Watson – Subsea 7


Registration is closed


Also for the 2021 seminar we will have a limited amount of exhibitors representing  different stakeholders from the industry. The difference from last seminar is that now we have a predefined are for exhibitors in the back of the conference venue. There is a wall to be opened up during breaks making the exhibition integrated to the seminar. Press the below picture for a more detailed map. If anyone would like, there is also an opportunity to exhibit outside.