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Bergen International Diving Seminar 2015


The Bergen International Diving Seminar 2015 was held at the Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport in Bergen 25-26 November.

Programme 2015

Wednesday 25.11.15


Joar Gangenes, Subsea7 and Øyvind Loennechen, Technip.

Summary from the Diving seminars of 2009, 2011 and 2013 Topics, challenges and results.


Session 1 – The real world

Cato Hordnes, Statoil.

IOGP-Diving Operations Sub Committee (DOSC) – Global Safety focus area.


Daniel Thorvaldsson, Subsea 7.

Offshore diving operations in North Sea & Canada – Planning and preparations.


Phil Newsum, ADCI.

Current Industry Trends and Challenges; The Positive Trends to Promote Industry Safety and Overcoming Existing Barriers.


Joar Gangenes, Subsea 7

Middle East & Africa, New diving frontiers.


Jean-Baptiste Ripart, Air Liquid.

Helium re-invented.


Session 2 – Making the future.

Pascal Grosjean, Technip.

Contractor strategy for DSV tonnage (abstract).


Øyvind Gjerde Kamsvåg, Ulstein and Ann Katrin Barstad, Ulstein.

Facilitating tomorrows diving operations (abstract).


Olav Hauso, PSA Norway.

International Diving Regulator and Certification Forum.


John Rabone, IDSA.

Mutual recognition of certificates – Equal qualifications globally.


Chris Sherman, HSE UK.

The revised UK Offshore Diving ACOP – moving towards a common standard in the North Sea.

Thursday 26.11.15


Session 3 – How do we make it happen


Joar Gangenes, Subsea 7.

Emergency & contingency equipment – Cost impacts and industry sharing.


IOGP doc 478 Recovery of SPHL – future solutions.

Cato Hordnes, Statoil.
IOGP doc 478 Recovery of SPHL – future solutions.


Vania Vilchis – MIMIR Marine Ltd.

  1. Ramp Recovery, a R&D – Brian G, Redden – JFD.
  2. Submarine rescue, a concept – Ben Healy, Thrust Maritime.
  3. SPHL recovery – Gerard Laden – MIMIR Marine Ltd.
  4. LL-RAM (risk appreciation matrix)


Christiane Eygun, Total.

Lula Exercise – A Very Full Scale Exercise: Response to a Major Oil Spill from a Blow Out.


Pete Sieniewicz, IMCA.

IMCA 2018 and beyond.


Sergio Cappelletti, Drass Technologie Sottomarine.

The challenge in technical design of diving equipment.


Session 4 – Thoughts for tomorrow.

Janne Vatne, Technip and Geir Amundsen, Amundsen Diving.

Decommissioning of Gullfaks OLS Buoy – offshore & inshore.


Ingrid Eftedal, NTNU.

Fitness to dive – Research and development.


Fatima Kiboub, Technip.

Fitness to dive – Research and development.


Jerry Starling, Harkand.

Divers health issues.


Olav Eftedal, Statoil.

Norwegian Diving- and Treatment Tables, – time for an update?


Ben Sharples , JFD.

Strategy, new talent and capturing future opportunities


Dan G. Skjoldal

Mobile: +47 932 31 973