NUI | Verification of diving systems
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Verification of diving systems

NUI provides highly qualified personnel and services for testing of equipment and tools for use under pressure and harsh conditions. Our laboratory and test facility is equipped for testing and analysis of gas, chemicals and equipment.

NUI provide test and verification services World Wide. Our test engineers has over the last 30 years devolved and improved test procedures for the Diving industry. Many of our test procedures are implemented in Industry standards and guidance. Among our test services we proved testing and verification of the following:


  • Dive system onboard Dive Support Vessel (DSV)


  • Environmental mapping of dive system and equipment, including:


¨ Insulation verification calculation

¨ Light measurement

¨ Aqua cultured test

¨ Noise

¨ Vibration




  • Testing of Hyperbaric Self Propelled Lifeboat




Kim Løseth

Manager Test and Analyse


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