Environmental monitoring and analysis - NUI
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Environmental monitoring and analysis

NUI does measurements and analyses for environmental or other chemical purposes. These services are mainly provided to the onshore and offshore industry, but we are also supporting private customers if required. Our laboratory and test facility is equipped for testing and analysis of gas, chemicals and equipment. For subsea sediment testing NUI has developped our own completely closed system to avoid any contamination.

NUI has for many years worked to reduce chemical health risk for personnel working under harsh conditions.


Our well equipped chemical analysis lab was established in 1996 and offer testing and analysis of e.g VOC, N2, Ar and CO.



  • Chemical analysis laboratory, including GC/MS and ATD, MS and RGA3
  • Equipment for retrieving and analyzing seabed samples
  • Passive sampling (press link under to download our info folder)


NUI Passive sampling


Kim Løseth

Manager Test and Analyse

Email: kil@nui.no