IMCA approved Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST) Course - NUI
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IMCA approved Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST) Course

This 10 days course will be a combination on practical operation of a real Saturation System and a
theoretical lessons in classroom.


NUI ALST course is undertaken according to IMCA guidance’s, and will qualify the attendance as
IMCA approved ALST.


The main subject of the course will be:


For futher information or participation, please contact us at:



· Operations

· Plant and Equipment





· Math

· Physics

· Legislation and Standards




· Anatomy and

· Medical

· History of Diving

For further infomation, please contact

Location:                  Gravdal, Bergen, Norway Price



Cansellation fee:     100% invoiced if cancellation later than 14 days prior to course start

50%  invoiced if cancellation later than 4 weeks prior to course start