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Inhouse designwork at NUI

Inhouse designwork at NUI

This year NUI has been instructed to replace certain ‘older’ designs of acrylic windows in our saturation system, this was due to DNVGLs requirements under the design specified in the new safety standard for “Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy(PVHO)” by “American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)”.

The cost of replacing the acrylic windows was found to be significant if purchasing an acceptable solution from the original producers of the chambers, and therefore NUI considered designing a solution for replacing the acrylic windows in house. In so doing we have managed to reduce the cost to <50% of the quoted price for the producer.

NUI has designed a DNVGL approved replacement solution which utilize the original port hole and retainer ring on the chambers. This design has proved to be low-cost, easy to install and has a short lead time.
If you are required to have a similar upgrade on your chamber system, or need assistance with other design challenges complying to standards, NUI can support you using our broad experience and competence.

Please contact us at

3D drawing of the acrylic window

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