Research project | HBO after stroke – pilot - NUI
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Research project | HBO after stroke – pilot

Research project | HBO after stroke – pilot

NUI has started planning a research project, starting in the autumn of 2019.

This is a pilot project that will form the basis for a larger study. We will look at the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to a small group of patients who have chronic imparement after going through cerebral stroke. We will investigate whether hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve physical and cognitive function.

The project is initiated by NUI, and we cooperate with Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Haukeland university hospital. The project is financed by Hordaland County Council (RFFVEST), the The Research Council of Norway (Skattefunn), Gassco, Repsol, Spirit Energy, and NUI.

In this pilot study, we will include six patients to be treated with 100% oxygen in pressure chamber at 2.4 ATA, about 2 hours daily for 20 days. We obtain medical grounds from the latest consensus report from the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM), the European reference organisation for hyperbaric medicine.

More research is needed on the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for this large group of patients.

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