NUI | Verification testing of new sediment sampling technique
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Verification testing of new sediment sampling technique

Verification testing of new sediment sampling technique

NUI is presently undertaking a comparison study between new and old sediment sampling techniques, as a part of a continuing  joint scientific project between the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and NUI AS.

The purpose of this study is to see using the present standard technique, how much of the sample is lost on its way from the sea bed to the surface, compared to the new gas tight NUI Sediment sampler.

Sediment sampling will be conducted at three different sites outside Bergen, Norway.

Attached are some pictures taken from our sampling at  the first site (this was underneath a fish farm)

The sampling will continue  from a second site (harbor) and the third site (Industry) next week.

For more information, please contatc Harald Sundland Mob: +47 915980279  mail:


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